A useful tool to battle fear

With technology on the rise, new inventions are coming from all over the world. Security systems are getting more and more popular with every day, but why? Are we really so dangerous to each other, that we need to lock ourselves up in a fortress? Or is marketing with fear actually that effective?
Since camera technology is constantly moving forward, we find ways to make them more powerful. Face recognition for example, just think of all the data collection possibilities! Targeted advertising, locating people, security checks etc… That is just a couple of ideas for face id camera application. Then we decided we want to go even further – gun recognition, heat and stress detection, cameras that detect a suspicious person/vehicle and the list goes on.
Now, if we look at a basic middle class house, we are sure to see at least some form of minor security measures. Perhaps a movement detector, or “check chips” (small stickers around the property – if the alarm is activated from anywhere in the world, a security company or the police is obliged to go around and check all marked spaces). You are constantly being watched and overheard, which is a scary thing I know, but think about all the good it does! Catching criminals, overhearing evidence, locating missing people and much more!
Nowadays, we are able to completely surround ourselves with security technology and/or other protection to make sure we are as safe as possible. But is it really worth it? Shouldn’t life be, above all, about freedom and privacy? Not everything is under our control, maybe confining ourselves in the safety of our houses is not necessary at all. Only you can make this decision though, make sure you are being reasonable.

A store without A checkout

„A new kind of store with no checkout required“. That means, when you shop at Amazon Go, you’ll never have to wait in line. The store works with an Amazon Go application – you enter, take the products you want and, thanks to the app, just walk away. When you leave the store with your goods, your Amazon account is charged and you are sent a receipt. The first Amazon Go is basically a small grocery store with roughly 170 m2 of retail space full of technology, sensors and cameras.

SELF-Boarding a plane

In the not too distant future, you could walk into the international airport terminal and board a plane without showing anyone your passport. At the check-in counter, you’d pose in front of a camera that scans your face and sends your image to a remote system that matches it to a stored copy of your passport photo. The system uses service called cloud-based facial biometric matching. You’d have your photo taken again at the security line, and again at the gate. In combination with baggage self-check-in stations (self bag tag), you can board a plane without a need to talk to anybody. If everything still matched up, you’d be on board, quietly warring with your seatmate over the armrest.

Social Credit System

Some Chinese citizens get to enjoy special „privileges“ like tax breaks, fast-track promotion or shorter wait times in hospitals. On the other hand, some are treated like second-class citizens, they can’t book tickets, go to private school or access some public services. All depends on their social credit score that increases or decreases depending on whether the subjecťs social behaviour is acceptable. The system relies on information obtained through video surveillance with the help of facial recognition. The system also works with data gathered from financial, government and other records and data collected on the Internet, such as interactions on social media. This is what it looks like when a Black Mirror episode comes to real life.

Terka Stejskalová [3.D]


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