Summer holidays in other countries

Summer holidays

How are we compared to other countries?

Now I’m sure that everybody knows that our summer holidays starts on 1st July and lasts until 31st August. But have you ever wondered how do our summer holidays do against holidays in other countries?

Mapa převzata z webu

I found this map which contains length of the summer holidays, numbers mean weeks. So you can compare our situation to the rest of the Europe. Suprising, isn’t it

Let’s also mention USA which is not on the map. Their summer break starts on 14th July and lasts until 19th August. Which actually makes their holidays 6 days longer.
So by the end of this short article I think we can’t say that we aren’t somehow discriminated against other countries, but it can be worse.

So when are you moving?

Dušan Židlík [2.C]

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