Christmas around the world

Christmas around the world

16 year old – America

„Our Christmas is usually pretty big. About a month before Christmas we go out and find a large evergreen tree, usually pine, to put in our house. We string lights around it with Garland and ornaments. On Christmas Eve we go to my grandparents and have a big dinner with the whole family, then we sit together around the 12 foot tall tree they always put up and first give gifts to our grandparents. Then the adults and kids get theirs. After we usually will sit around and spend time with each other. On Christmas day we eat a large breakfast at my house and open our stockings. When the rest of my immediate family arrives we begin opening gifts. Usually everyone gives everyone at least one gift which is always nice. After, we talk and help cook the Christmas dinner. Our grandparents come over for dinner and we spend the whole night all together.“

17 year old – Singapour

„All the people I know, that celebrate Christmas, have a small/medium sized plastic tree. As far as I know, locals here don’t really celebrate Christmas like our western counterparts. Usually, the streets, especially around the central  shopping areas, are decked out in Christmas decorations, and all stores are selling Christmas decorations. I’ve only met one person, who actually celebrates Christmas, though it might be just me. For most people that I know, it’s just another day off, like a weekend.“

19 year old – UK

„In the United Kingdom we have this drink called snowball that’s alcoholic (slightly) and many people drink it. We also have pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon). Many people celebrate Christmas and have Christmas trees, however some people get an artificial one, because they don’t shead. We also have “mince” pie (not actual mince), Christmas crackers which usually contain small gifts and jokes inside, Christmas pudding and we hang stockings up above a fireplace that are filled with small pre-gifts.“


17 year old – South Africa

„December in South Africa is mid summer, which makes it hard to relate to the rest of the world on this holiday. We share the usual Christmas foods, like turkey, chicken, roast beef, also we generally have this pudding called Malva Pudding (also called Lekker Pudding). It’s a sweet pudding cake containing apricot jam, it has a caramelised spongy texture and is served with hot custard or ice cream. In one of our main languages, Afrikaans, we say Geseënde Kersfees which means Merry Christmas.“

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