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We asked Reddit:

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My grandmother gifted us hotel soap in a brown sandwich bag she covered in wrapping paper.
The sandwich bag with wrapping paper is now a family heirloom. Seriously, we’re currently fighting about who gets to keep it.“


A ziploc bag filled with cotton balls with the words „ghost poos“ written on the bag in sharpie.“


At Christmas I once unwrapped a box of yellow #2 pencils. I must have looked a little disappointed because my mom told me to just wait and I’d see why Santa had brought them.
…It was because he also got me an electric pencil sharpener.“


My husbands parents gifted him the deed to his own cemetery plot (one for me, too!). An expensive, but poorly timed gift.“


„My mom is from Thailand and doesn’t really get the whole Christmas thing… last year she got me sore throat medicine… I didn’t have a sore throat.“


Terka Stejskalová [2.D]

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